About Me

A never-ending journey for your stomach & soul…

Foodsic was created document & share my top 2 passions in life: food & music. I love food, so much that I enrolled in culinary school this year as a hobby.  Do what you love right?!?!  Ever since moving to Chicago over 5 years ago, it’s been a never-ending search for the next food-related orgasmic coma. I will be highlighting my favorite places to eat (mostly in Chicago of course), specific entrees or dishes to order, notes and suggestions, etc.  Up until now, I’ve just kept an on-going email draft to update but over the next few months I hope to convert it somehow to a user-friendly format (hopefully with images) on this site.  So please, make your reservation and be patient.  Good things come to those who wait…sometimes…lol.

As for the music front, I am a hardcore hip-hop head & electronic enthusiast who is constantly researching for obscure, underground, forgotten, etc. outstanding works of art.  Yes, I admit I’m not a fan of most mainstream music but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t great popular music being created every once in awhile.  Although electronic and rap/hip-hop are my top 2 genres of expertise & love, I am very much a fan of many Indie/Alternative acts and a few other genres.  I keep a running list of my all-time favorite electronic albums (which goes back to 60s and 70s) as well as my top rated rap/hip-hop albums by year (which I just started in 2014).  I will eventually go backwards in years and create my top albums for each year but that will take plenty of time.  Since most of my ratings are in 2 Google Sheet files, I will do my best to bring that data into foodsic for all my future readers.  I love talking food and music (and boxing) so if you share the same passions, you’ve come to the right place.


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